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Eslington Lodge
No. 4623
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Date of Warrant 8th February 1924
Consecrated 9th April 1924.

Eslington Lodge Gavel Nights

A Gavel Night at Eslington Lodge is just a name for a Masonic Open night, where friends who have made enquiries about Freemasonry and who may be interested in becoming a Freemason,can come along and enjoy an evening in the Lodge.

The purpose is to dispel the many myths and here say which exist about Freemasonry and to provide an open, interactive, informative and interesting presentation of what Freemasonry is all about.

We invite you to view the Temple with the Brethren present, in full regalia, the meaning, significance and history of which is explained.

The duties and responsibilities of the various officers and their functions are explained, along with some of the symbolism.

A senior member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham will normally be present to speak about the Aims and Objectives of Freemasonry and on the role that Freemasonry has in Society today.

After any questions we all retire to the banqueting hall for refreshment, when there is further opportunity to talk and relax, enjoying good company in an informal manner.

We will not at any time during the evening press you to join, because you have to join on your own free will and accord.

No one from a lodge should ask you to join, we will only attempt to answer any questions you will undoubtedly have, it has to be your own desire, decision and action.

You will also have to fulfill the following requirements:

- You have to be a man of lawful age (21 years old)
- You must have a belief in a Supreme Being.
- You must be willing to attend regular Lodge meetings.

If you would like more information on Freemasonry or Eslington Lodge and would like to attend a Gavel Night then please contact us Email for more Information and we will let you know about the next open night.


Information from The United Grand Lodge of England
and Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham

Introduction Into Freemasonry

An Approach to Life as PDF

Freemasonry FAQ

Your Questions Answered as PDF

Guidance for a Prospective Member

Guidance for a Prospective Member as PDF

United Grand Lodge Booklet

United Grand Lodge Booklet as PDF

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